MBA Co-op Program

For more than forty years, DeGroote’s MBA co-op program has given students the opportunity to showcase their knowledge, skills, work ethic and leadership potential in the business world. The success of the program is due in large part to the strong partnerships we have with employers across Canada.

Co-op students are ideal for working on special projects in your organization, but work terms can also be used to cover short-term leaves and other operational responsibilities. Our students are carefully screened by the program’s admissions process and come from a variety of educational backgrounds including commerce, science, engineering and the arts. Students may have recently finished an undergraduate program or may already have professional experience in the workforce.

Students in the co-op program complete four academic semesters and three 4-month work terms. Academic semesters and work terms usually alternate.

First Work Term Second Work Term Third Work Term
January to April September to December May to August

In some cases, depending on your needs as an employer, work terms can be combined into sessions which are longer than four months.

How to Participate

Each co-op recruitment cycle has two phases.

Phase One

Phase one follows a specific schedule and includes:

Job Posting Period

Follow the directions in the OSCARplus employer manual to post a job on our online portal, or contact the CPD team at to have us post a job for you.

Interview Period

Our team will work with you to schedule the virtual interviews. To reserve an interview date, please contact the CPD team at

Rank and Match Process

When you’ve conducted all of your interviews, we’ll ask you to rank the candidates by number. Candidates will also rank the different opportunities for which they interviewed. A calculated match is then made between the employers and candidates. For more information about the process, see the rank and match page.

Making Offers

Once the match is confirmed, we’ll ask you to prepare a formal offer letter. One copy is sent to the candidate and the other is sent to our team to place in the student’s file. In turn, we’ll provide you with a confirmation letter which can be used for tax credit purposes. Employers and students who are not matched in this phase continue to phase two.

Phase Two

Phase two is less structured. You can interview candidates on your own schedule, but the pool of candidates is smaller.

There are three recruitment cycles each year, corresponding to the work terms listed above. Specific dates can be found on the key recruitment dates page.

Job Guidelines

In order to help make the job a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience we ask that each employer:

  • Supervises and guides the student during the work term, providing a welcoming environment where a student can develop his or her skills.
  • Participates in a work site visit with one of our relationship managers to discuss the student’s progress.
  • Reads and signs the student’s work term report.
  • Completes a final evaluation form and discusses the results with the student.