Commerce Internship Program

When you recruit a high-caliber DeGroote commerce student you get an energetic, enthusiastic intern who brings core technical skills and excellent academic training to your organization. You get an employee who has studied a variety of business topics including:

  • accounting
  • finance
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • general business administration

Students in the internship program have successfully completed the third year of their undergraduate commerce degree and have maintained or exceeded a cumulative average of 72% (7.0). Interns are available for paid work assignments starting in May (12 or 16 month assignments) or September (12 month assignments).

Key Recruitment Dates for 2019/2020 Interns

We are excited to announce that we will be moving to a 3-phase recruitment cycle. By providing you earlier access to our internship students, you’ll gain more flexibility so you can meet your recruitment needs. If you’re ready to recruit in early Fall, you can now participate in Phase 1 beginning on October 15th with matching results on November 22nd. For our partners who traditionally participate in the December/January cycle and continuous round, this option still remains and you can see the specific dates below.

Here are the full details for the 2018/19 CIP Recruitment Cycle:

*NEW Phase 1  Job Postings Begin Monday, October 15
   On-Campus Interview Period  October 24 – November 16
   Employer Rankings Due  November 19
   Rank / Match Results  November 22
Phase 2  Job Postings Begin  December 3
 University Closure  December 24 – January 2
 CIP Career Night  January 10
 On-Campus Interview Period  January 9 – February 8
 Employer Rankings Due  February 11
 Rank / Match Results  February 14
 Reading Week  February 18 – 22
Phase 3 (interview/offer) Job Postings Begin February 19
Interviews February 25 – August 1
Last Day for Offers August 1
Internship Start Date  Anytime between May 1–September 1


We look forward to connecting you with our incoming CIP cohort this Fall. Should you have any questions regarding our new recruitment cycle, please feel free to reach out to any team member.

How to Participate

Rank/Match Recruitment Phase

The Rank/Match Recruitment Phase follows a specific schedule and includes:

Job Posting Period

To post a job opportunity, follow the instructions in the OSCARplus employer manual. You can also email the information to and let us handle the posting details.

Interview Period

It’s best to conduct interviews during the Rank/Match Recruitment Phase at the DeGroote School of Business in Hamilton. This helps us provide you with the best service and also helps students manage the combination of their academic and interview schedules. Our team will work with you to schedule the interviews and we have space available for you to meet with the candidates. To reserve an interview date, please contact our Associate, Recruitment Programs at or 905-525-9140 ext. 27592.

Rank and Match Process

When you’ve conducted all of your interviews, we will ask you to rank the candidates by number. Candidates will also rank the different opportunities for which they interviewed. A calculated match is then made between the employers and candidates. For more information about the process, see the rank and match page.

Making Offers

Once the match is confirmed, we will ask you to prepare a formal offer letter. One copy is sent to the candidate and the other is sent to our team to place in the student’s file. In turn, we will provide you with a confirmation letter which can be used for tax credit purposes.

Continuous Recruitment Phase

The Continuous Recruitment Phase is less structured. Employers and students who are not matched during Rank/Match, proceed to this phase. You can interview candidates on your own schedule, but the pool of candidates is smaller.

Job Guidelines

In order to help make the job a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience we ask that each employer:

  • Supervises and guides the student during the work term, providing a welcoming environment where the student can develop his or her skills.
  • Participates in a work site visit with one of our relationship managers to discuss the student’s progress.
  • Completes a final evaluation form and discusses the results with the student.