As a business leader, you want the best MBA and commerce graduates on your team. Our goal at DeGroote is to provide you, the employer, with employees who can make an immediate impact in your organization.

Through our co-op and internship programs, you can help shape the next generation of business leaders while benefiting from our students’ energy and skill.

DeGroote offers two important employment-based learning programs:

Co-op and internship students bring enthusiasm, new perspectives, and experience to your organization. Students join your team eager to apply the skills they’ve developed through their work at DeGroote and their own past experiences. Participating in the co-op and internship programs contributes to the development of tomorrow’s business leaders and gives you an excellent return on investment.

DeGroote students are also available for part-time and summer positions. We help facilitate graduate recruitment as well.

Here at CPD, we help you find the best students and graduates to fill your business needs. Our services are free of charge and include:

  • Job posting on McMaster University’s online recruitment system
  • One-on-one strategic planning with one of our relationship managers
  • Online resume access and review
  • On-campus interviews, including lunch and refreshments
  • Support for on-campus recruitment events

Our team is here to answer your questions and to support you through the whole recruitment process. We look forward to building a strong, mutually beneficial partnership with you. Together, we shape the future of our global business community.

New Employers

Please email recruit.degroote@mcmaster.ca to learn more about how to get involved.