Graduate and Summer Recruitment

Our on-campus recruitment program allows you to postĀ full-time, summer and part-time positions and receive support from our team during the recruitment process.

When are graduates available?


  • Up to 100 graduates of the MBA co-op program.


  • 30 to 60 graduates of the MBA program.
  • 400 to 450 graduates of the commerce program.

Recruitment Timelines

Summer Recruitment January to April
Graduate Recruitment Ongoing (Peak period Sept. – Dec.)
Alumni Recruitment Ongoing

Recruitment Made Simple

Our user-friendly online portal (OSCARplus) is a centralized system you can use to post jobs and access all of the available services for promoting your organization on campus.

How to Post a Job

There are two ways to post a job opportunity:

  1. Email your job posting to
  2. Post directly to the job board by logging in to OSCARplus.
    • Instructions for logging in and using OSCARplus can be found in the employer manual.

One of our associates will arrange job posting details and organize on-campus interviews at your request.


After you have reviewed the applications and selected candidates to interview, we will contact the applicants and customize an interview schedule that works for you. Our team will help facilitate the virtual interview process.

For Commerce (undergraduate) and MBA candidates, email us at