Engagement Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities and Events

There are many ways you can get involved with the DeGroote School of Business to promote employment opportunities and create positive awareness about your organization in the DeGroote community.

Company Information Sessions

Company information sessions are an excellent way to tell our students about your organization and upcoming job opportunities. They’re a great way to network with future employees.

Our team helps facilitate information sessions by:

  • Hosting free virtual sessions
  • Providing free advertising for your event through multiple channels
  • Providing an online RSVP system for students
  • Integrating your session with your job postings and  interview schedule
  • Having a CPD team member help coordinate the session to make sure everything runs smoothly

Other Engagement Opportunities

We also host several virtual events which bring together many of our employer partners.

  • Coffee breaks
  • Mock Interviews
  • Commerce Internship Program (CIP) Career Night
  • Career Fair
  • Webinar speaking opportunities
  • Industry-specific workshops and panels

Invitations are sent directly to our partners. If you would like to be included, please email recruit.degroote@mcmaster.ca.

Interested in hosting an event for DeGroote students?

Contact CPD at recruit.degroote@mcmaster.ca.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Several of the student clubs and associations host industry-related events to help raise awareness about career opportunities in different areas. If you’d like to learn more, contact CPD at recruit.degroote@mcmaster.ca.