Why Do I Need a Cover Letter?

Cover letters are an insight into your brand, personality, and fit for a role.

As a co-op student, your resume may not have a specific direction yet. A cover letter is the best way for you to explain to employers why you are a good fit for the role, and why you are interested in the industry. If your undergraduate degree is in science and you have lab experience, why are you now targeting co-op roles in marketing? Your cover letter lets you explain this.

If you are changing careers, a cover letter lets you explain to employers how the skills you have gained in different industries can transfer into your targeted industry.

Not all cover letters will be read, but writing one will give you a 50% chance of standing out.

Reasons employers ask for cover letters:

  • Taking the time to write a customized cover letter indicates a candidate with greater interest in the company
  • Gain a sense of writing style, word choice, and grammar
  • See how people present themselves and frame their resume
  • Can see if you have attention to detail – correct company, hiring manager’s name, address, etc.
  • People hire people, not paper – a resume is paper, but a cover letter adds more of a human element to the application process

Writing a cover letter? Start here.

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