What does a mentor do?

A mentor is a business professional who volunteers to network with current DeGroote students in order to help them with career exploration and professional development.

How much time should I expect to spend on the program?

It’s entirely up to you and what your schedule allows. That could mean answering one email a week or volunteering to come to campus and give a presentation about your career field. In your application, you can specify the number of students you would like to mentor, reflecting the amount of time you are able to give. The minimum requirement is one hour per month.

I don’t work in HR and I’m not a recruiter. Will students and alumni think I’ll be able to get them a job at my organization?

Participants are advised not to use the mentor program to directly solicit employment. It is also made clear that while resume critiquing, internships, job shadowing, and informational interviewing are possible outcomes of a student/mentor relationship, they can’t be guaranteed and should not be expected.

Can I volunteer to share specific kinds of career-related information?

Yes, you can choose the type of guidance you’re willing to provide: employer information, career advising, regional information, resume review, or interview skills critiquing. You can also choose the type of volunteering you would like to do: job shadowing, informational interviews, mentoring, classroom speaking, or internship site visits.

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