MBA Co-op Salary Guidelines

Work TermAverageRange
WT 1 Jan. – Apr. 2017$3637$2349 – $5833
WT 2 Sep. – Dec. 2016$3887$2518 – $5833
WT 3 May – Aug. 2016$4025$1828* – $8333

*This figure represents a role that was sought independently by the student and not posted through DeGroote. When hours of work were not included on offer letters, CPD used 37.5 hours per week to calculate statistics.

These salaries are offered as a guideline only. Each organization sets its own co-op salaries based on several factors including:

  • internal wage structure
  • market competition
  • student qualifications

Students are primarily interested in the quality of the co-op work experience although they often consider salary as a means to cover accommodation and educational costs during work terms.

All salaries are quoted on a monthly basis. Salaries are not included if the work term is outside Canada. The information above is provided by participating employers.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us at (905) 525-9140 ext. 27759.

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