First Year MBA Co-op students are all wondering "What is Rank Match?"

October 20, 2014

Rank/Match is the process that CPD uses where, through a matching system, students rank employers and employers rank students, and through this a compatible job match may occur. Through this process, a match is considered to be equivalent to an employment offer.

How Does the Process Work?rank match balls

Employers rank all students interviewed. Only one student can be ranked # 1 for each position. If multiple positions are available, employers can give multiple #1 rankings (i.e. two #1’s for two positions, three #1’s for three positions etc.)

If employers feel that students are not the right fit for a role, they can choose to Not Rank (NR) a student.

Students then view the employer rankings online and they, in turn, rank the employers.

Students rank in a similar manner to employers, selecting only one employer as # 1, for their first choice. Students do not have full disclosure of their employer rankings. Rather, students will see their #1 ranking, and then either “R” for ranked, or “NR” if not ranked. Employers will not be able to view student rankings.

The Match

matchThe matching process works on the principle of “the lowest score wins”. Once employer and student rankings are entered online, the system reads the information and adds the employer and student ranking to produce a total score for each combination.

The system then performs the match, starting with the lowest score combinations, which would be a 1-1 ranking by both the employer and the student, for a total of “2”. This is considered an automatic match (offer).

The system then continues to match employers with students in a sequential manner by examining total scores of three, four, etc., until all possible combinations are exhausted.

Employer rankings will be released to students on Thursday, October 23rd and students will need to input their rankings by 11:59 pm on Friday, October 24th. The match will take place on Monday, October 27th and once it is complete Pamela will send out an email advising students to check OSCARplus for their match results.

Relationship Managers will be available on October 23rd and 24th to discuss rankings with students.

Good luck!

Jennifer Dunk is the Manager, Employer Development at CPD and works with employer partners to develop job opportunities for students. She is an avid wine enthusiast and has travelled to many wine regions around the world

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