Be Yourself…The Art of Interviewing

October 2, 2014

art of interviewingMany people are nervous during the interview and this is normal.

The key item to remember about interviews is that the employer wants to learn about YOU and as such they want to see your personality and determine how you might fit within their organization.

Many times when I am coaching students on how to have a successful interview, they will ask me what does the employer want to hear in my answer? The answer is that they want to know about a genuine experience that you have had that relates to the question they have asked (i.e. they do not want to hear about something that you have not experienced).

Below are some quick tips to help you better prepare for interviews:

researchPrepare – do you research – on both yourself and the company. Try to anticipate the types of questions that employers will ask you by looking at the job description and identifying the skills that they are looking for and then develop questions to demonstrate these skills. For example, if they are looking for teamwork, they might ask you: “Tell me about a time that you worked in a team and there was someone that was not completing their work. What did you do to resolve the situation and what was the result?” For sample interview questions please look at Interview Stream on Avenue to Learn.

practicePractice – CPD recommends a minimum of 2-3 mock interviews before your actual interview. This can be done with a Relationship Manager, friend or family member or through Interview Stream. The more you practice the better prepared you will be.



Perform – on the day of the interview make sure that you are dressed in a full business suit, greet the employer with confidence and maintain eye contact with the interviews and don’t forget to smile! Ask the employer for their business card and send them a thank you note within 24 hours of meeting them.


Jennifer Dunk is the Manager, Employer Development at CPD and works with employer partners to develop job opportunities for students.

Jennifer is an avid wine enthusiast and has travelled to many wine regions around the world.

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