Welcome back to campus and the start of a new academic year!

September 2, 2014

I hope you all enjoyed a restful summer and are looking forward to an exciting year full of new opportunities to learn and grow. It has been a busy summer for both DeGroote and CPD – planning for upcoming events and helping to shape a new strategic direction for the school.

CPD has also gone through some staffing changes as well, as we said goodbye to few team members. From our RJC office, we said farewell to a wonderful colleague and friend, Jany Godard, who after 24 years, is retiring from McMaster. We will certainly miss the expertise she brought to the team and most especially the colourful stories she shared! After a great year as part of the team, we also said goodbye to Jocelyn Carter who has moved onto a different role outside of DeGroote, and we wish her best of luck in her new position.

On the main campus, Jackie Garnett has taken on a 13-month career growth opportunity in the Dean’s office and we look forward to having her back on the team next year. Recruitment efforts to fill the vacancies within both offices are underway.

In reflecting on all the change that has taken place over these past four months, one key theme continuously comes to mind and one that I feel is also very fitting as we start this next year: be open to change.

If there is anything I have learned since taking on the role of Manager, it is recognizing that change is an opportunity to learn something new and grow, even though it may seem uncomfortable at first. I have also realized that even with the best plans and intentions in place, not everything can be controlled – it is about how you adapt to this change and what you do with this new knowledge or experience.

Over this next year, there will be countless opportunities to learn and step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to embrace the unknown, you might even be surprised at what you discover!

Good luck!

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Michelle Reyes is the new Manager of CPD. 

Michelle is an avid fan of Broadway musicals and salsa dancing, and has been singing as part of a community choir for over 20 years. 

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