Tips for branding the top third of your LinkedIn profile

April 11, 2014

Before you start: Turn off Activity Broadcasts while you’re making edits.

  1. Photo – Professional headshot. Graduate directory photo or other professional headshot. Make sure you are smiling and in a suit.
  2. Headline – The most searchable 120 characters of your profile. Avoid just stating your job title or just that you are an MBA candidate. Edit the industry and location fields to the ones you desire. Make sure the “current” section shows the job or education you want to highlight.

              Sample Headlines:

  • Health Services Management ǀ DeGroote MBA Candidate 2014 ǀ Dean’s List ǀ Administrative Residence Co-op Experience
  • Capital Markets ǀ DeGroote MBA Candidate 2015 ǀ Corporate Valuation – Modeling Experience ǀ GPA 3.8 ǀ GMAT 700
  • Consulting ǀ DeGroote MBA Candidate ǀ Hospital Strategy Optimization Experience ǀ Bilingual Spanish
  • Marketing Customer Experience ǀ DeGroote MBA Candidate ǀ Statistical Trend Analysis ǀ Sales Background
  • Financial Analyst ǀ DeGroote MBA Candidate ǀ Experience in Financial Statement Analysis ǀ Credit Risk Management

3. URLCustomize your Public Profile URL and put the link on your resumes and   business cards.

4. Summary – Changing careers? Use words like “ideally suited to” when describing your background and goals. Use keywords. Take text from job descriptions and paste it into to find keywords for your industry and role. Use an online readability test tool to ensure you are communicating at a grade 8 level. Know your audience. Use more creative summaries for marketing positions and more traditional ones for finance roles. You can add links to blogs, websites, etc.

 According to, 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn.

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Jocelyn Carter is a Relationship Manager at CPD. She works closely with students, inspiring them to grow professionally and manage their careers.

Jocelyn’s first ‘grown up’ job was in Beverly Hills 90120 where she worked at William Morris Talent Agency recruiting talent agents and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars!

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