Business jargon: value add strategy, or just plain annoying?

October 23, 2012

Is there anything more annoying than business jargon? You know what I’m talking about; widely used terms unleashed on the business world in a desperate attempt to make one sound more knowledgeable or authoritative. How would you feel if this was the messaging your sales manager used:

You must employ a paradigm shift to complement your pipeline with low hanging fruit in an effort to hit the ground running and meet your deliverables. Current efforts see us boiling the ocean and not fashioning a win-win proposition. It is mission-critical to be a champion of synergistic solutions that provide value-add to our stakeholders. This will facilitate seamless traction gain while generating amplified wallet share.

Did your stomach just churn?

Translation:  You need to improve sales.

Just five little words could replace that jargonistic mess. When you read those jargon laden emails, aren’t you actually more confused about their messaging than before anything had been said at all? It’s painful enough to read, and even worse to hear.

For those of you who will write reports and prepare sales presentations, be sure to use every day English.  Your listener or reader won’t turn green and they’ll respect you more if you avoid the jargon.

This value add visual tool is meant to engage stakeholders in a synergized environment of proactive dislike of the paradigm shifting practice of business jargon over usage. This over usage is proven to limit buy-in when championing your mission-critical, turnkey solutions, which were always focused on demonstrating your proactive change-agent deliverables. Please circle back with your thoughts and I will follow up.

For a lighthearted listing of some of the most annoying terms, follow the link below:

Jeff Ollinger is CPD’s Manager of Corporate Development and works closely with employer partners on developing their recruitment strategy.

Jeff prides himself on being a foodie and has a real knack for missing short, meaningful putts on the golf course.   

2 thoughts on “Business jargon: value add strategy, or just plain annoying?”

  1. Jon says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve met a sales manager who doesn’t speak like this. It seems people are just trying to fill up their day and by speaking this way, they can span a 10 second thought into a 15 minute meeting, and in their own mind appear quite intelligent. Of course the rest of the room (other than the junior interns on their first assignment) see right through it.

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